Erhan Cerrahoğlu (Producer-Director)
He was born in 1969, in Ankara. He graduated from Marmara University Communication Faculty Journalism and Public Relations Division and made "Public Relations" master degree. In 1993 he formed Demo Producitons and prepared advertisement campaigns and organizations for various firms.
Following 1995, he carried out advertisement films and documentaries for different institutions and foundings. He worked as a local producer for various foreign channels which were taking documentaries in Turkey. The "Golden Horn is Alive" documentary which he took in 2003 was shown in national and international festivals and in the Living Marmara Festival, won awards for the "Best national film" and "Best international film".

Selçuk K. Kolay (Research chief)
He was born in 1948, in Istanbul. In 1967, he graduated from Istanbul German College and in 1974, he graduated from Berlin Technical University as an High Engineer in Industry.
He determined the identity of the unknown submarine which was found in the offshore of Kemerburgaz as the "UB-46" submarine which sank in the I. World War. He found the Midilli Cruiser; prepared the related documentary. He determined the localization and sinking reason of our submarine "Atılay" which sank in 1942; prepared the related docementary. He determined the localization of the admiral ship "Yvestafy" which belonged to the Russian Naval Force. He did the diving and localization works of the English-Australian submarine "AE2" which sank in 1915. He ensured the restoration of the wreckage of the B-24 American bombardment plane which fell into the sea in the offshore of Antalya during the II. World War and provided that it is handed over to Rahmi M. Koç Museum.
He is the owner of the Medal of the Order of Australia due to the contributions he made to the Australian Naval history,

Asist. Prof. Dr. Erdoğan Okuş (Diving Crew Coordinator)
He was born in 1962, in Ordu. After graduating from the Aegean University Science Faculty Biological Oceanography Division, he did master degree in Istanbul University Marine Science and School of Business Administration Institute Marine Biology Department. Following this he did doctorate in the University of Wales, University College of Swansea, School of Biological Sciences, Marine Biology Department Swansea in U.K.
With the research studies supported by many national and international dives, he published many articles. He is still a lecturer in the Istanbul University Marine Science and Business Administration Institute and is the coordinator of the dives that are being held in Istanbul, Datça and Black Sea.

M. Cumhur Ayar (Underwater Cameraman)
He was born in 1963, in Yozgat. After graduating from the Electronical Trade School, he finished Hacettepe University School of Business Administration. Ayar; who started working as a cameraman in TRT; worked in the program, advertisement and news division of various national channels.
In Değirmendere for NTV and for the first time in the world made the underwater shooting of Zeugma. He also made the the first underwater shooting of Golden Horn for the "Golden Horn is Alive" underwater documentary.
Ayar; who filmed the underwater ceramics display in Bodrum and Kaş for NTV since 2000; still works as a cameraman in NTV news department.

Gökhan Acun (Cameraman)
He was born in 1970, in Izmir. He was graduated from Dokuz Eylül University Fine Arts Faculty Cinema and Television Division.
He worked as a cameraman in various national channels. Apart from news programs like Arena and A Takımı, he did the national and international shooting of the documentary called Haberci which is 130 series long. He is still working as a scene director in advertisement films and documentaries that are prepared for various institutions and foundings. He also works as a cameraman in projects that foreign channels like ARTE, SWR, ZDF carry out in Turkey and abroad.

Turgay Yalçın (Sound Engineer)
He was born in 1971, in Silivri. After graduating from Haydarpaşa High School Electronics Division, he finished Westminister College of London.
He worked as a sound engineer for various national channels. He carried out the sound recording of various documentary projects that were produced in Turkey and abroad. He worked as a sound technician in projects that foreign channels like ARTE, National Geographic and ZDF have produced in Turkey and abroad. In addition to this, in his own studio he is doing sound recording for various advertisements, presentation films and long duration cinema films. (